This ceremony has awarded:
A)    The instituted "POLIS" award to historical cities of the world, where prospered and continue to prosper the Greeks of Diaspora and succeed to advance and cure the Hellenic classical Value of “goodness” even the social and political ethos.

B)    The "WISDOM" award in personalities which service with their way of living the same Hellenic and Humanity Values. Furthermore,

C)    The "PEACE" award which is firstly rendered in personalities with international recognition whose acts propel the achievement of global peace.

D)    Moreover, instituted and awarded annual the title of "HOMO HELLENICUS", which was rendered to personae of the International Academic and Political Spectrum. The title is awarded to personae, who contribute with their life and work to the spread and propagation the Values of Hellenism, which are identical to those of Humanism. The last intellectual, who gained this title was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe(1793).